Push Which Downed Tigers Twice Absent in Battle With Green--Beals and Hammond Score for Crimson

The Indian came down from the Northland, gathered in four scalps for the three he lost, and went about it in a very business-like fashion--as any of the Sunday sporting pages will tell. But now the Indian has gone back to his Northland for another season, and John Harvard has still to face the Bulldog in New Haven.

Followers of the Crimson ice team this year have not as much reason for gloom as the result of the Green raid would indicate, however, for if scores have shown anything, it is that consistency in either winning or losing holds no place among Harvard's habits this year. The Crimson has played its best games of the season against Princeton, yet in the first case the victory was foreshadowed by a 1-1 tie with the Maples, while the second time the only prelude was the B. A. A. rout. On another occasion a goal-aplece deadlock with the Maples ushered in the 3-0 defeat by the Elis, and more recently still the successes over Princeton and Hamilton only paved the way for the recently departed Indians.

Schedule Gives Crimson Advantage

If consistency has flouted the Crimson this year, the workings of the schedule have left it with one decided advantage: because of the Tiger's 1-0 victory over the Blue last Friday, the New Haven outfit must continue to point for two objective contests with different teams. Thus when Harvard meets Yale this Saturday, the Elis will still have in the back of their minds the prospect of a clash with the Tiger at the end of another week, while the Crimson, with everything to win and nothing to lose, will be determined to earn the right to a play-off game a fortnight later.

Harvard Fails to Show Fight

Despite the Wah-Hoo-Wah's that echoed in the Arena roof last Saturday, the Dartmouth contingent knew that they were lucky to win the game. Harvard's form was there, but the fight that carried the day against the Tiger was not so conspicuous. Harvard will need both at New Haven.

The summary: Harvard  Dartmouth Austin, Walker, l.w.  r.w., Sly, Everett Chase, Burgess, c.  c., Sheehy, Mansur Beals, Howe, Hill, r.w.  l.w., Lyon, Hall Hammond, l.d.  r.d., Perry Crosby, r.d.  l.d., Mills Cumings, g.  g., Learned

Score, Dartmouth 4. Harvard 3. Goals, by Everett, Mansur 2, Beals 2, Hall, Hammond. Penalty, Chase, hooking, 2 minutes. Stops, Cumings 24, Learned 23. Referees, Sande and Wiggett. Time, three 15-minute periods.