John Harvard to Move From Memorial Region--Will Take Up Position Before University Hall Some Time in May

Action has been taken by the Corporation of the College to have the statue of John Harvard removed from its present site on the Delta, west of Memorial Hall, to a position on the west side of University Hall, where the bronze, map of the Yard at present stands. No definite time has been set for moving the statue, but it is expected that the work will be completed by the middle of May.

The statue was the gift of Samuel James Bridge '80 and was erected in 1884. Daniel Chester French designed the figure, using Sherman Boar '82 as his model.

On the front of the pedestal of fine-hammered granite are inscribed the words "John Harvard, Founder, 1638." The seal on the southern face is that of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, England, from which John Harvard was graduated. On the northern face is the seal of Harvard College, and on the rear face the words, "Given by Samuel James Bridge, June 17, 1883."

An old pamphlet, now in Widener Library, gives an account of the unveiling ceremonies which took place on October 15, 1884. The principal address for the occasion was given at Sanders Theatre by the Rev. George E. Ellis '33 and followed by President Eliot's speech of acceptance.