Adams and Clark Give Most Exciting Exhibition--Freedman Defeats Former Oxford Title-Holder

Eight champion were picked in the finals of the Annual University Boxing tournament last night in Hemenway gymnasium. A very enthusiastic crowd of 500 or more spectators witnessed the matches.

The feature bout of the evening was the match between H. J. Freedman 1M., last year's champion, and P. E. Pieris 1G., the native of Ceylon who was last year's champion of Oxford and Cambridge, England. The first part of the bout was quite even, but in the last half the superiority of Freedman won him the descision.

Heavyweight Bout Proves Exciting

The heavyweight match between G. J. Adams '27 and E. N. Clark 2L., the former West Point champion, was decidedly the most exciting bout of the evening. Adams at once began a steady offensive which, aided by his great weight, soon won him the title. The 118-pound final was won by E. H. Sperry Sp. who kept up a strong offensive throughout the match although his previous 112-pound match had very much tired him.

The results of the finals follow:


112-Pound Class.--E. H. Sperry Sp. defeated Milton Krook '25.

118-Pound Class.--E. H. Sperry Sp. defeated W. W. Ottaway '25.

126-Pound Class.--P. R. Grant 2G.B. defeated Benjamin Elsner '26.

135-Pound Class.--H. J. Freedman 1M. defeated P. E. Pieris 1G.

147-Pound Class.--G. E. W. Davis 2G.B. defeated D. S. Muzzey 1G.

175-Pound Class.--E. B. Lloyd '27 defeated Michell Gratwick 1L.

Heavyweight Class.--G. J. Adams '27 defeated E. N. Clark 2L.