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When Captain O'Hearn and his players trimmed the Crimson 6-1 last Saturday they set a new record, as never before have the Elis run up so high in score against Harvard in ice hockey. In the only other series which Yale won in straight games the Blue captured one of the clashes in New York by a 5-3 margin, but from that time until Saturday's defeat this score made in 1902 has never been equalled.

In addition to the deadly accuracy of the Eli shots the size of this score indicates to a certain extent the ability of the two goal guards, as in this department came the most striking difference between the two teams. In the forward lines Harvard was the speedier, but Yale the more effective at checking back, while on the defense again Yale had a slight advantage.

Jenkins Does Superior Work in Cage

In the net, however, Jenkins has established himself as one of the best guardians of the season, while Comings and his substitute Newell were working as regulars for the first time, since neither won his numerals as a Freshman last year. Thus during most of the last period Jenkins was continually being peppered by the Crimson four-man attack at close range, but turned away all shots except Captain Crosly's. Five of the six tries that slipped past Comings and Newell on the other hand were long-distance attempts, and only one the result of close-up combination play. Jenkins had the advantage here, however, as the Crimson defense men too frequently allowed the Blue attack to advance within shooting distance before breaking it up.

Crimson Unfamiliar With Small Rink

During the first period at least it looked as though much of this tardy checking back was due to Harvard's unfamiliarity with the New Haven rink, which is smaller than the Boston Arena both in length and breadth. For the rest of the game, however, the Crimson did better at estimating the proximity of Elis to the Harvard cage. And yet when the Blue skaters came to Boston for the first game, they seemed to be quite at home. Harvard  Yale Austin, Walker, Burgess, l.w.  r.w., Turnbull, Chisholm, Cutter Farrington Chase, Hodder, c.  c., Chisholm, Ferguson Beals, Howe, Hill. r.w.  l.w., Scott, Farnsworth, Cottle Hammond, Chase, l.d.  r.d.,Sargent, Lindley Crosby, Hammond, Graves, r.d.  l.d., O'Hearn, Potts, Lindley Cumings, Newell, g  g.,Jenkins

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