The members of the Silver Bay Committee have found a widespread interest in the Student conference which is to be held this year at Silver Bay, Lake George, from June 12 to June 20. All men in the University are eligible to attend the conference. Any men who are interested can make application either to one of the members of the committee, or through Phillips Brooks House. In order that accommodations may be secured, a registration fee of $7.00 will be collected. This fee must be payed by May 19. In cases of absolute necessity a refund will be made.

Harvard Delegation 30 Last Year

The maximum membership which the University representation will be permitted to reach, is 100 men. Last year some 30 men attended, and already this year over 20 have applied and expressed their intention to go to the Conference.


This year there is to be a considerable foreign delegation at Silver Bay under the auspices of the Foreign Student committee. These are exempted from the registration fee and will be given special rates for board and transportation expenses. It has also recently been announced that three Harvard men will act as leaders of the discussion groups.

Prominent Men Among Speakers


Although the final list of speakers has not been announced, the following men will attend the conference: H. S. Coffin, Norman Thomas, Ray Petty, D. R. Porter, F. B. Smith, Bruce Curry, G. Sherwood Eddy, Bernard Clausen, E. C. Lindeman, H. H. Tweedy, Kenneth Latourette and E. C. Carter.

The Conference will be made up of representative students from most of the universities and colleges of the New England and Midde Atlantic States. Already delegates are assured from twenty-two colleges, including Yale, Princeton and Dartmouth.

At the conference, the daily program will be both attractive and instructive. In the morning there will be a series of small discussion groups, led by capable men, followed by a large platform meeting. During the afternoon, athletics and various forms of recreation will occupy the attention of delegates, while in the evening there will be another meeting for the entire conference. Opportunity for individual conferences with any of the speakers will be provided.

Beautiful Location for Convention

Silver Bay, in the heart of the Adirondacks, is one of the most picturesque and charming spots in America. Situated about seventy miles from Albany, it may be reached either by train or automobile. The expenses of attending the conference, including board and room, railroad fare, and registration fee, will be about $40. For men who can not afford to pay the entire sum, part of the expense may be met in other ways, information concerning which may be obtained at the Phillips Brooks House.