Third Edition of Directory Recently Published Shows More Than 550 Have Remained in Massachusetts

Figures just compiled show the distribution of 1,761 former students of the Harvard Business School. Over 550 have remained in Massachusetts, while 218 have gone to New York City; 79 are in California, 87 in Illinois, 71 in Ohio, and 65 in Pennsylvania. More than 80 are living in foreign countries, 34 of whom are in China.

The directory is published by the Dean's office, assisted by the Business School Alumni Association. Four years, have elapsed since the second edition of the Business School Directory, and it is hoped that this third edition will be one of the best channels for keeping former students in touch with each other, and enabling them to act together for the best interests of the School. With the increase in the number of alumni, the work of the Business School Alumni Association in keeping the alumni in touch with each other as well as with the School has become more and more important. The Harvard Alumni Bulletin is devoting one section each month to the Business School Directory, and it is sues are sent free to all members of the Association.

Instrumental In Organizing Clubs

The alumni association is active in cooperating with the School in securing business problems for use in teaching and in helping the School place its graduates. It has also been instrumental in organizing Business School clubs in various cities; and assisting recent graduates to become acquainted with the older alumni.

Mr. J. E. Hyde '12 of the S. D. Warren Paper Company is President of the Alumni Association; M. B. Pinkham '18 of the Sonara Phonograph Company is Vice President; and C. E. Fraser 21 of the Harvard Bureau of Business Research is Secretary-Treasurer.

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