Lacrosse Invaders Have Defeated Both Cornell and Yale

Harvard  Syracuse Thomas captain, l.h.  l.h.Jenkins Norris o.h.  o.h. Longiey Skilling f.a.  f.a.Mahon Nunnecker s.s.  s.s, S. Wood Gillies t.a.  t.a. Townsend Merriam c.  c. Shogren Crane t.d.  t.d. Failing, captain Reid s.d.  s.d. Aunger Morrison f.d.  f.d. Fitch Watson McCarthy Black pt.  pt. Simmons Kelsey g.  g. Wood

The University lacrosse team will face one of the best college combinations in the country this afternoon on Solders Field, when it meets the Syracuse University twelve.

In its last two contest the Syracuse stickmen vanquished the Cornell twelve 4 to 0, Yale 7 to 0. Lacrosse is an important sport at Syracuse, attracting a large number of candidates, many of whom are football men. While not very optimistic over the chances for a Crimson victory, Coach Herbert, who formerly played second defence for Syracuse, being chosen for All-American honors, hoped that the University team would make a creditable showing.