Luncheon at Newell Boat Club, Band, and Parade Feature Third Annual Get Together at Princeton Game

Class colors, a buffet luncheon, a brass band, and half a dozen informal baseball games were the feature of the Fathers and Sons annual reunion before the Princeton baseball game Saturday afternoon.

Meeting at the Newell Boat Club at 12 o'clock, over 400 fathers and sons of eight classes, '87, '96, '97, '99, '00, '01, '02, and '09 started the celebration with a parade to Soldiers Field, where baseball was played by all. No official scores were kept.

The players stopped for lunch at 1.30 in the boathouse, where Master of Ceremonies C. J. Swan '01 and Assistant Dean Little delivered speeches appropriate of the occasion.

After lunch the party formed in order of classes, and headed by the brass band of 20 pieces, marches across Soldiers' Field with banners on high, to the two sections reserved for them on the third base line, where they were met by their wives and daughters.

Inaugurated by the class of '01 in 1921, the idea of Fathers' and Sons' associations has shown a steady growth in the past two years. Last spring three more classes joined the annual Princeton game celebration, and this year the number was doubled. So far as is known, Harvard is the only University in the world with Fathers' and Sons' associations.