Not, Mere Militarism

The discovery that the United States government, recent sponsor of disarmament, and self-proclaimed opponent of militarism, is sponsor of Citizens Military Training Camps may conceivably give pacifistic minds a shock. What would seem a grotesquely paradoxical situation is in truth merely an excellent and intelligent educational move.

Putting to good use some of the war-built training camps, the War Department is undertaking to improve American men mentality, morally, and physically. The soldiering element is introduced rather for the benefits of its discipline than to provide substantial military knowledge. The camps are not a step in the direction of the old Continental service period; no promise or suggestion of further military service is made.

The draft examinations of war times were a disappointing revelations. The average physical condition of the men was poor, and the mental alertness and energy were scarcely better. The training camps provide a month of hard, healthy, intelligent work. They are active recognition of the fact that book learning is a small part of education; that gool citizenship and high morale depend upon both mental and physical good health. They may do much to maintain a high domestic morale in a country, constantly, if not inevitably, subject to more or less peaceful invasion from Southern Europe and Russia. -Yale Daily News.