First Meeting of Conference Scheduled for Tomorrow Night--Plan Extensive Intercollegiate Sport Program

The first half of the University delegation to the Silver Bay conference will leave tonight for Lake George. The delegation, which will number 28 students in all, has been divided into two parties, the first of which will take the sleeper tonight, with the other party following tomorrow.

Full details of expenses, train-times, and credentials have been forwarded to the delegates. A 50 per cent discount on railroad fares will be granted to those who are equipped with certificates for the Y. M. C. A. Student Conference at Silver Bay.

Those in charge of the conference are planning a varied program for the delegates. Instructions have been given out for the students to take track, tennis, baseball and bathing equipment. Musical concerts and fishing are among the diversions that have been planned. Intercollegiate contests in baseball, track and swimming will be staged, with a tennis tournament.

First Meeting Comes Tomorrow

The first meeting of the conference will take place in the auditorium at Silver Bay tomorrow night. W. H. Gratwick '25 has served as acting chairman so far, but on Friday night, the whole delegation will meet to choose a permanent chairman. An athletic manager to represent the delegation in making plans for the sport program, and a stunt night manager, will also be elected.

The members of the delegation follow:

A. T. Ooyle '27, G. B. Cramer '26, H. G. Dorman '26, D. T. Eaton E.T.S., W. H. Gratwick '25, R. J. Harper '25, L. U. Harris '26, J. M. Hernandez 1G, W. C. Hicks E.T.S., A. W. Johnson T.S., Y. Kamii 1G.B., S. Kitasawa 1G., F. C. Lawrence E.T.S.; T. G. Littell '24, Y. W. Lin 2G., H. H. MacCubbin '26, R. M. Mears '27, H. B. Molholm '26, Lawrence Morris '25, R. D. Parker '26, A. D. Phillips '26, Harry Reiff '25, J. McC. Roots '25, W. A. Shimer 2G., C. O. Simpson '27, S. H. Sturgis '27, W. I. Tibbetts '17, J. O. Tragard '26, John Winder '27.