Coach Slattery Selects Southpaw to Take Mound Against Vanquisher of Cornell, Columbia, and Brown

Harvard  Dartmouth Jenkins s.s.  r.f. Fox Campbell 1b.  2b. Thurston Gordon c.f.  3b. Smith Todd l.f.  1b. Harris Samborski c.  c.f. Bjorkman Hammond 2b.  l.f. Dagostino Rogers r.f.  s.s. Hudgins Hill 3b.  c. Seavey Brown p.  p. Lyon

The 17 to 15 game last year in one of the weirdest struggles of the season, is one of many Green baseball victories over the Crimson which Captain Jenkins and the University team will attempt to avenge this afternoon. Erratic fielding and heavy hitting featured the game a year ago, while a pitchers battle is expected today.

Crimson Used to Upsetting Dopesters

One of the strongest Dartmouth baseball teams in years will take the field at 8 o'clock this afternoon, a team that has a distinct edge over the University in comparative scores. The Harvard team has shown, however, a disregard for dopesters' predictions that promises at least a close score in today's game. Cornell, Brown, and Columbia have all bowed to the Green while triumphing over the Crimson, and Princeton is the only victor over Dartmouth that has succumbed to the University.

A comparison of scores is interesting not only in the light that it throws on today's encounter, but also because of the Yale series. A 2 to 1 score marked the triumph of the Elis recently in a pitchers' duel. If the Green should win this afternoon, the entire aspect of the Yale series will be affected.

Tesreau Plays His Ace

Lyon, the Dartmouth pitching ace, who has twirled the team to victory against Cornell, Columbia, and Brown, three conquerors of the University, will be Coach Tesreau's choice for the mound position this afternoon. Brown, the southpaw who has shown steady improvement since the season began, will be his most probable opponent. Lyon has by far the better record, but Coach Slattery expects Brown to surprise the Soldiers Field bleachers. In practice, he has failed to show the lack of control that marred his early season hurling, and his performance in the closing innings of the Holy Cross fray on Saturday, coupled with his twirling in the second Brown game the week before makes Coach Slattery court on him as one of the most effective of his pitching staff.

Batting Order Juggled

A change in the batting order will be tried in this afternoon's game. Samborski has been moved up to the fifth position, with Hammond, Rogers and Hill sliding down a peg. This puts together the hard hitting trio of Gordon. Todd and Samborski, a change that should increase the team's scoring ability.