Outdistance Substitutes in Short Race--Macomber Replaces Leavitt in day's Work-out

New London, Conn., June 6.--Coach Stevens announced this evening that the two changes in the University eight, effected yesterday as a test, will probably be permanent. Johnson and Jameson are the two new members of the first combination, rowing at five and six respectively, while Adie, who has pulled oar six heretofore has taken Weymer's place at four. Gates was formerly at five.

The two new members of the first University boat rowed in the junior University crew against Yale last spring. Jameson rowed in seat four and Johnson in five. Coach Stevens advanced them yesterday as a temporary expedient and the result was favorable.

This crew again went over the four-mile course this afternoon in an encouraging fashion. After rowing the first three miles and one-quarter at a stroke varying from 28 to 30 a minute, Winthrop increased the pace to 36. This he maintained to the finish line, the crew showing excellent form the entire distance. Time was taken but not announced. In the morning work-out the first and junior University eight raced, the former winning by a comfortable margin.

Freshmen Not Hard Pressed

The second practise brush of the day was that between the Freshman eight and the Combination crew. The first-year men easily outdistanced their competitors, crossing the mile and one-quarter distance three lengths ahead. This does not tell the whole story inasmuch as the Freshman eight continued to the two-mile mark whereas the Combination boat dropped out at the mile and one-quarter mark. The Freshman did not raise the stroke until the last few hundred yards. Macomber was rowing number six in place of Leavitt in the Combination eight. The latter was slightly ill.

The rowing order of the two University crews with the recent shifts follow:

First University Crew.--stroke, Winthrop; 7, Hobson; 6, Jameson; 5, Johnson; 4, Adle; 3, Henry; 2, Mumford; bow, Kelley; cox., Burnham.

Junior University Crew.--stroke, Gale; 7, J. P. Hubbard; 6, Darlington; 5, Gates; 4, Weymer; 3, Barton; 2, Hoover; bow, Krumbhaar; cox., Heard.