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The basement of Persis Smith Hall, used for years as the shooting gallery of the University rifle team, will discard its military aspect this year, for that of a linen storeroom.

Objections registered by Freshmen to the aroma of the power and to the noise of the rifles late at night, objections registered by the janitor to the numerous electric light bulbs and window panes shattered by erring marksmen, and the urgent need of that part of the building for a linen storeroom, are among the reasons for the election of the rifle team, although the official notification received by Captain B. D. Leaney '26, embraces only the last named reason.

So far, the rifle team has been unable to find a shooting gallery in Cambridge, and to use a Boston gallery would be impossible on account of the expense, since the team is maintained without financial support from the University. It seems quite possible that the University may be forced to drop out of the Intercollegiate Rifle League unless some arrangement is made.

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