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With Head Coach Stevens once more at the helm, the crew squad again took to the water for trial spins under the surveillance of Coach Spuhn and Capt. S. B. Kelley '25, who accompained the shells in launches. Head Coach Stevens expressed his pleasure upon seeing the unusually large turnout, and gave his personal attention to several of the eights.

According to an announcement by W. S. Blanchard '25, University crew manager, there will be a slight snakeup in the boats next week with the intent of shaping several crews of first string calibre. It is doubtful, however, if a definite first eight will be selected this fall, although it is the intention of the coaches at present to keep the shells in the water until the ice forms.

Coach Herbert Haines has ordered all Freshman crew candidates to report at the Weld Boathouse on Monday.

Coach Haines will inaugurate a new training method, which does away with the distastful three weeks grind on the machines. All candidates will work on the machines on Monday. Tuesday will see the experienced men in shells, under the direction of A. J. Hobson Jr. '24 and J. L. Hoover '24, and they will continue on the river until ice forms. The inexperienced candidates will have two weeks of machine work, after which they will be transferred to the "Leviathan", the recently-built barge which seats 20 men. As soon as they become proficient in the handling of sweeps they will be assingned places in shells. Coach Haines will personally direct the machine work of the green men.

The University crews were boated as follows:

Crew Z--Stroke, Robert Winthrop '26; 7, J. P. Hubbard '26; 6, D. C. Gates '26; 5, G. R. Johnson '25; 4, W. J. Milde '25; 3, G. D. Krumbhaar '26; 2, F. P. Weymer '26; bow, O. F. Righter '26; cox., C. S. Heard 3E.S.

Crew Y--Stroke, Elisha Canning Jr. '26; 7, R. W. Ladd '27; 6, C. F. Darlington '26; 5, Goffrey Platt '27; 4, Kent Leavitt '26; 3, W. M. Fairleigh '25; 2, W. L. Boyden '25; bow, P. D. Trafford Jr. '25; cox., W. E. Beer Jr. '26.

Crew X--Stroke, Novell Thompson '25; 7, C. O'D. Iselin '26; 6, P. F. Pond '25; 5, Samuel Reber Jr. '25; 4, W. E. Stillwell Jr. '25; 3, Richard Trimble Jr. '26; 2, Moorfield Storey 2nd '26; bow; C. L. Dane Jr. '26, cox., A. M. Carrillo 2E.S.

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