The success of the "Harvard Night" performance of "L'AMore Dei Tre Re" on February 5 is practically assured. The demand for tickets has been growing steadily throughout the last few days and all indications point to a large representation of members of the University at the Opera House 10 days hence.

The Chicago Opera Company gave the first performance in its two weeks stay at the "Hub" last night when it staged "Aida" before a hall crowded with enthusiastic patrons. Virgilio Lazzari, who takes the part of "Archibaldo" in "L'Amore Dei Tre Re," also participated in last evenings performance and was given long and hearty applause for his singing and acting.

Montemezzi Ranks With Greatest

Italo Montemezzi, author of "L'Amore Dei Tre Re" is the most famous of living Italian composers and ranks among the greatest of all time. He was born in Verona, Italy, just 50 years ago, and produced his first opera at Turin in 1905, under the title of "Giovanni Gallurese." His second and more famous work, "Hellera," was presented four years later, also at Turin. "L'Amore Dei Tre Re," after a premiere at Milan In 1913 was produced in the United States one year later by the Metropolitan Opera Company, and the Boston and Chicago Opera Companies.

His fourth and last opera, "La Nave" was staged only seven years ago at Milan for the first time, and in the same

year was presented in Chicago. All of his works are of a tragical and symbolical nature, as their plots reveal. Montemezzi has appeared only once in the United States in 1918, when he was present at the initial performance of "La Nave."

Has Been Successfully Produced in U. S.

Although all of his works are considered great by music critics, "L'Amore Dei Tre Re" holds the highest place in popular esteem. It has been produced again and again with great success in the United States, especially by the Chicago Opera Company.

This talented group of stars, including Mary Garden, Fernand Ansseau, Georges Baklanoff, Virgilio Lazzari, and Lodoylco Oliviero have performed it on the most lasses stages in the United States. They will be conducted at the "Harvard Night" performance by Giorgio Polacco, one of the most gifted and world renowned conductors in America.

Tickets for "Harvard Night," ranging in price from $6.50 to $2.00, may be obtained on application to the Secretary at the Music Building Office between 9 and 12 o'clock daily, or at the box office of the Opera House.STAR WHO PLAYS "ARCHIBALDO" ON HARVARD NIGHT VIRGILIO LAZZARI The talented basso who will take one of the leading parts in the performance of "L'Amore Dei Tre Re" by the Chicago Civic Opera Company on February 5