The 1926 Senior Dormitory Committee has initiated a minor innovation in the methods adopted this year for the allotment of rooms, according to an announcement issued last night by the Chairman, M. A. Cheek '26.

It has been decided to place a blue book in the President's office at the CRIMSON Building, in which men may leave their names and addresses. By looking up the names of others also written in the book, these men will be able to get together and apply as groups instead of as individuals. This action was taken after several inquiries had been directed to the committee by men who desire to have roommates. The plan is the same as that conducted by the Phillips Brooks House at the beginning of the year.

This departure from the policy followed by former dormitory committees was adopted primarily in order to take care of transfer students who have come from distant parts of the country and have therefore had little opportunity to become acquainted with many students in their class: and also for men who have lived at home for their first three years in college, but who desire to live in the Yard during their Senior Year.

All applications, in accordance with the custom followed in the past, must have only the fictitious name of the group on the outside, with 25 choices of rooms. The real names of the applicants appear only on the inside, and the envelopes will not be opened till after the draw. Those who are applying in groups of 12 or 18 may enclose small envelopes containing six names each, within the large envelope. In this way they will get a second chance, divided into smaller groups, in case their original application loses in the draw.

The office hours will be held at the CRIMSON Building from 12.30 to 1.30 o'clock every afternoon this week and from 7 to 8 o'clock every evening except Saturday. Next week the hours will be from 12.30 until 8 o'clock. On Sunday the office will be open only between 7 and 8 o'clock. Applications with close on Wednesday, January 14.