Harvard students have been offered an opportunity to take part in the forth-coming Boston production of "The Miracle". All men interested in securing positions as supernumeraries should report today between 1 and 2.30 o'clock at the offices of the "Advocate" at 69 Mt. Auburn Street. The first rehearsal is to be held tonight at 8.30 o'clock in the Boston Opera House to try out.

"The Miracle," Max Reinhardt's crowning achievement, and one of the outstanding attainments of the modern theatre, was first presented in London by Charles Crchran in December, 1911. Since then it has been produced in every European city of importance, 19 productions being made between 1911 and 1917.

Gest Staged U.S. Premiere

The American premiere was staged by Morris Gest, who started his life in this country as a newsboy kin Harvard Square. The Century Theatre in New York was converted into a cathedral and the opening took place on January 15, 1924. During its 10-months run in New York the box office receipts totalled almost two and a half million dollars.

Since then "The Miracle" has played in Cleveland and Cincinnati; where in both cases civic organizations established guarantee funds to cover possible loses. On October 28, the Boston premiere will take place in the Opera House, which is at present being transferred to accommodate the spectacle.

Interior Rebuilt

The setting of "The Miracle" is done on such a large scale that the rebuilding of the interior of the Opera House is necessary. The whole interior of the Opera House has been converted into a medieval cathedral. To take the place of the curtain a smoke screen of incense is used when one of the nine changes in scenery is required. Six hundred people will take part in the performance.

The Performance opens in a cathedral, where an image of the Madonna is displayed to the multitude. After the service, a young nun is entrusted with the keys and darkness falls.

Oppressed by longings for the life of the outside world the nun succumb to temptation and flees with the young Knight. The Madonna's image then comes to life and takes the place of the nun.

The play next follows the adventures of the Nun. She is taken from the Knight by the Robber Count, and passes in turn into the hands of the Prince and the Emperor. Whoever possesses her is dogged by death, the Emperor killing the Prince, and then himself falling prey to the revolution that breaks out against him.

In the depths of despair, the disillusioned girl finally returns to the cathedral and here the Madonna returns to the Nun her vestments and again takes her place as an image.

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