Seeded Players to Decide University Net Championship--Briggs Favored to Annex Title

J. F. W. Whitbeck '27 and L. H. Gordon '27 will meet on the Divinity courts this afternoon, the winner to oppose Alden Briggs 1 G.B. for the University singles crown later in the week. Whitbeck and Gordon advanced to the semi-final round with victories over W. T. Smith '26, and G. H. Perkins '26, respectively, both seeded players.

Briggs, who has been a favorite to annex the title held last year by Takeichi Harada, dropped his first set of the match to W. L. Coleman 3L, whose smashing game offered Briggs the first serious opposition with which he has met. Coleman faltered before the machine-like precision of the winner who captured the third and fourth sets, and the match 6-4, 7-9, 7-5, 6-4.

Perkin's Vanquishes Debevoise

In the Union Tournament G. H. Perkins '26, showing a marked reversal from the form displayed in his match with Gordon in the University competition, advanced to the finals with a decisive win over G. D. Debevoise '26, in the round before the semi-finals, and a hard won victory over J. C. Rueter '28, captain of last year's Freshman team.