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I have been asked recently what kind of comments my essays and predictions have evoked from the ever-expectant public. From the great pile of letters I receive each Monday, I select the one below as typical. It was written by one of the many fair fanettes among my readers.

"Dear Joe,

"I think your pieces in the paper are perfectly wonderful. (Honest I do.) . . . Gosh but your ideas are the cutest things! The girls all tease me because I am writing this letter to ask you for your picture, but I don't care--not I! Ever since I saw the formula for your trick play I have given up cutting Harold Lloyd's pictures out of the Movie Supplements. Everything is changed." . . .

Oh, there is a lot more to it, but that's just an example. Rereading it now reminds me I haven't turned my headlights of Prophecy on today's contests. Before I do that, I'd like to announce that I have appropriated the motto which consigns Yale to the nether world for my own. The boys at New Haven have had an unpleasant way of acting exactly as I think they shouldn't act. But I feel sure I have put them in their right places today.

Here is what the aforementioned headlights reveal:

Yale 28, Maryland 7

Cornell 17, Dartmouth 14

W. Virginia 14, Boston College 7

Brown 28, Boston University 0

Holy Cross 14, Fordham 0

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