Figures Compiled at H. A. A. Prove That Spectators Yearly Become Fewer

A big drop is evidenced in the football attendance at the nine Harvard games this fall, including the Freshman-Yale game which was held in the Stadium. Only 279,459 spectators watched the games this year, compared with 331,883 last year and 339,000 in 1922.

There are several factors which go to explain this phenomena. Two of the games were played away this year, and the Brown Stadium did not draw such a large assemblage, since it is not located at a very central point. Also, it was played when Harvard's aspirations were at their lowest ebb.

The weather conditions also contributed somewhat to this scanty representation at the Yale encounter, which was held in the Stadium this fall.

A big drop is evidenced from the attendance of last year, when 331,883 persons passed through the gates. The record figure was attained in 1922, when over 339,000 spectators witnessed the games. The number of games won in early and mid season must also be taken into account.