Committee on Admission Announces Names of 81 Freshmen Who Won Entrance Examination Honors

The following list gives the names of the 81 Honor Freshman who obtained the highest marks in their entrance examinations. On Saturday the CRIMSON printed a summary of this list giving the number of men coming from each school. Boston Latin and Exeter placed highest on this list with 24 and 22 men, respectively. Middlesex came in third with five representatives.

Everett Addoms, Jr., Exeter; Abraham Martin Aloff, English High School; George Alpert, Boston Latin School; Warren Wilcox Anthony, Andover; Charles Francis Ayers, Jr., Northeastern Preparatory School, Boston; Talbot Baker, Milton Academy; Nathan Spencer Barnes, Thacher School, Ojai Valley, Cal.;. Philip Barbour Bennett, Riverdale Country School, Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y.; Harold Berliner, Boston Latin School; Clarence Edwin Brown, Cambridge High and Latin School; Roscoe Conkling Bruce, Jr., Cambridge High and Latin School; Dean Chamberlin, Exeter; Grover Arvel Chenoweth, Boston Latin School; Albert Goodwill Churchill, Browne and Nichols School; Henry Ives Cobb, 3d., Groton.

Irving Colpak, Boston Latin School; Henry Harrington Cutler, St. Paul (Minn.) Academy; Charles Warner Duhig, Exeter; Philip Ives Dunne, Middlesex; George Ryder Faxon, Boston Latin School; Charles Foss Ferguson, Boston Latin School; Eugene Louis Fisher, Boston Latin School; James Bicheno Francis Chesnut Hill (Philadelphia) Academy; Joseph Bacon Fyffee, Hotchkiss; Robert Boit Gierasch, Middlesex; Jacob Goldberg, Boston Latin School; David Samuel Gruber, English High School; Leon Independence Gubin; Stuart Gordon Hardy, Exeter; Willis Gilpin Hazard, Roxbury Latin School.

Richard Stedman Holden, Exeter; Phelps Hotchkiss, Taft School; Alfred Hurwitz, Boston Latin School; Richard Whitney Hyde, Hartford (Conn.) High School; John Duff Kenney, Exeter; Franklin Knight, Jr., Exeter; Walter Roosevelt Koch, St. Paul, (Minn.) Academy; George Carpenter Koss, Exeter; Paul Sylvester Lindquist, Exeter; Francis Smith Linn, Andover; John Joseph McGloin, Boston Latin School; William Henry McMaster, Jr., Exeter; Edward Reynolds McPherson, Jr. Exeter; Wilfred Mirsky, Boston Latin School; Sumner Byron Myers, Boston Latin School.

Philip Nichols, Jr., Country Day School of Boston; Rollin Hosmer Norris, Middlesex; Brooks Otis, Exeter; David Michael Owens, Boston Latin School; Newton Belmont Parker, Roxbury Latin School; Philip Hamilton Rhinelander, Kent; Joseph Robinson, Boston Latin School; Edward Rudin, Boston Latin School; David Clemens Sachs, Boston Latin School; James Henry Sachs, Middlesex; Nathan Maxwell Sachs, Boston Latin School; Daniel Monfried, Sandomire, New York University; Marion Sanford, Exeter; Marshall Schalk, Boston Latin School; Justus Julius Schifferes, St. Paul (Minn.) Academy.

Henry Frederick Schwarz, The Hill School; Lazard Henry Seiff, Boston Latin School; Samuel Schwartz, Boston Latin School; Henry Simon, Boston Latin School; Frank Kent Smith, Exeter; Paul Sidney Edward Smith, Exeter; Russell Murdock Stobbs, Exeter; Franz Theodore Stone, Exeter; Alexander Law Stott, Boston Latin School; Randall Edwin Stratton, Exeter; Thompson Tyler Sweeny, Jr., Exeter; Walter Sheldon Tower, Jr., Columbia High School, South Orange, N. J.; Albert Chester Travis, Jr., Exeter; William Perkins Wadsworth, St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H.; John Comstock Weeks, Boston Latin School.

Henry Bartlett Wells, Exeter; John Garnett Whitham, Jr., Andover; Parker Stevens Wise, Middlesex; Dudley Phelps King Wood, St. Mark's School; Charles Chamberlin Wooley, Andover; Julian Leon Yeslawsky, Boston Latin School; Edmund Ignace Zawacki, Williston Seminary.