Bowdoin Foilsmen Visit Hemenway Gym Tomorrow - Crimson Team Weakened by Loss of Lane Brothers

The University fencing team will take the floor against the Bowdoin foilsmen in the opening contest of the season tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the Hemenway Gymnasium.

Coach Danguy has been putting his men through strenuous workouts this week in-preparation of the season's opener. He has been seriously handicaped by the loss by graduation of E. H. Lane '24- and E. L. Lane '24, mainstays of the team for the last three years. Captain R. A. Durham '25, is the only member of last year's championship team who is fencing again this year. Coach Danguy has been forced to develop the rest of the team from comparatively inexperienced material. The squad has been practicing daily, since early in October and the coach feels that his team is rapidly rounding into shape.

Durham Is Consistent Winner

Captain Durham's from with foils had been one of the features of the early season practice. The veteran of last year's Yale match has been a consistent winner in the practice test matches by which Coach Danguy has been judging his men this winter.

A. G. Carrillo '26, and Howard Finney, Jr. '26, will probably be the other two foilsmen to face. Bowdoin tomorrow. Finney has been a member of the squad for two years. In 1923 he won the noviey fencing tournament. Carrillo, although not as experienced as either Durham or Finney. Is expected to by one coach Danguy's most steady winners this season.


The matches tomorrow will be with folis only. Each man will meet all three men on the Dowdoin team.

This contest is not part of the inter collegiate Fencing Leagus schedule. Captain Durham's men engage in their first league tilt on March 7, when they fence the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The league has been divided into three groupe this year. The University, Yale, and M. I. T. compose one division; Columbia, the Navy, New York University, and Pennsylvania are in the second; and the Army, Cornell, Syracuse, and Hamilton are in the third. The winners in each of these groups enters the finals in New York City on April 2 and 3. In these matches each group is allowed to qualify two teams.