With Jenkins unable to play and with Ives, an inexperienced man, substituting for him in the net, the Blue team will be at a great disadvantage.

The Yale team practiced at the Baker Rink in Princeton Thursday and yesterday because of the poor condition of the ice in New Haven. It was upon arriving in Princeton that Jenkins was injured. In alighting from the train he stumbled and fell off the station platform.

Coach Bigelow is starting the same lineup tonight which performed at the start of play against the Blue in the first game. The Crimson reserves have come along fast however, and it is likely that as many substitutions will be made tonight as were made in the first Yale encounter, when 12 Crimson skaters earned their letters.

Coach Wanamaker is also starting the same line-up which took the ice at the start of play against Harvard except for the enforced substitution of Ives for Jenkins. Individually the Yale stickmen appeared to be the equals of their Harvard opponents in the first game, but they did not match the fine brand of passing and team play which the Crimson exhibited.

Coach Wanamaker is not bringing his men to Boston until 4 o'clock this afternoon. The Yale squad will keep away from the Arena until time to don skates for the contest. The realization that the team is capable of extending the Harvard sextet to the limit is certain to send another capacity crowd to the Arena at 8.15, the hour that the contest is scheduled to begin.