Son of Former Fellow Will Assist Dean Whitney in Charge of Freshman Class--Name New Business School Dean

When Dean Greenough resumes his duties next fall, he will find a new assistant in the person of Elliott Perkins '23, whose recent appointment will bring the number of assistant deans up to five. Mr. Perkins will assist Assistant Dean E. A. Whitney '17 in the supervision of the Freshman class. Mr. Whitney, on being questioned as to the reason for this move, stated that it was made in order to train new blood to replace any vacancies which may occur in the future.

Mr. Perkins is a son of T. N. Perkins '91, who recently resigned as a member of the Corporation in order to serve abroad with the Dawes Reparation Commission. Since his graduation with honors in History and Literature, he has been studying in the Law School and acting as proctor in Persis Smith Hall.

The other three assistant-deans will continue in much their present capacities. Delmar Leighton '19 will remain assistant-dean in charge of records. L. S. Mayo '10, who has been in charge of the Seniors and Juniors this year, will have charge of Sophomores, Seniors, and out-of-course students. R. E. Bacon A.M. '18 will continue to have charge of the class of 1927, as Juniors.

In the Graduate School of Business Administration Charles LaFollette, a graduate of Wabash College in 1920, and of the Business School in 1922, has been named an assistant-dean.