Schoolboys Overcome 14-Point Lead With Shower of Baskets Toward Close of Game--Burns Is High Scorer

An apparently defeated Andover basketball team bewildered the Freshman quintet with a last-quarter rush and nosed them out by the score of 35 to 32 at Andover Saturday night.

The Freshmen led 15 to 14 at the half, but when the second period was five minutes old had presented a brilliant exhibition of offensive strength and were leading 29 to 15. Andover rallied equally as strongly in the last quarter, scoring 18 points, and was three points ahead at the whistle.

The scoring was about equally divided among the Freshmen. Captain Baldwin played his usual dependable game. Burns was clearly the schoolboy star, netting eight baskets from the floor. Although outscored, the 1928 quintet was not decisively outplayed in any department. The next Freshman game is with Dartmouth 1928 Friday night.

The summary follows: HARVARD 1928  DARTMOUTH 1928 Slocum r.f.  l.g. Morgan Baldwin l.f.  r.g. Burns, Tylen Barbee, Green c.  c. Brockleman Meisenbach r.g.  l.f. Frigard Oothout, Barbee l.g.  r.f. Billhardt

Score, Harvard 1928 32, Andover 35. Goals from floor, Baldwin 4, Oothout 4, Slocum 3, Meisenbach 3, Burns 8, BiXII-hardt 4, Frigard 3. Goals from fouls, Meisenbach 2, Baldwin, Slocum, Billhardt 3, Burns, Brockleman. Referee, Macbeth. Timekeepers, Blettner, Sides. Time, two 20-minute periods.