The first lecture of the second half year program of the Phillips Brooks House Graduate School lecture course on religion will be the feature of a number of Sunday lectures given tomorrow for members of the University.

Mr. A. Lincoln Filene, treasurer of William Filene Sons Company will give a talk on "Religion in Business" at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in Peabody Hall, Phillips Brooks House. Mr. Filene is prominent not only as a merchant, but as a recognized leader in the reform of labor and industrial problems, and in the interests of world peace.

The condition of his employees has been greatly benefited by his attention to their welfare and education through a co-operative association. Both he and his brother, Edward A. Filene, have devoted much time to the cause of peace through the League of Nation's Non-Partisan Association. His lecture will be open to members of the University only.

Professor Beale Speaks on Law

Another important lecture is the third of the "Religion and Law" talks given in the Parish House of the First Parish Church, Harvard Square, at 12.10 o'clock every Sunday. Professor J. H. Beale '82 will give a lecture tomorrow on "The Spirit of Revenge in Criminal Law." He is a distinguished teacher of jurisprudence who has been connected with the University since 1890, with a brief interlude of two years when he assumed the office of Dean of the University of Chicago Law School.


In the two preceding lectures of the series all the seats have invariably been taken long before the hour scheduled for the lecture and large groups of men have stood throughout the speeches. Last Sunday, when Dean Pound spoke, the whole meeting finally had to be moved from the parish house to the church proper. The audiences have been composed not only of members of the law school but of large numbers of undergraduates as well. The lecture is open to all members of the University.

A third Sunday lecture is one of a series being given by the University Medical School on medical subjects at 240 Longwood avenue. Boston at 4 o'clock. Tomorrow's talk will be. "Some Factors Affecting Growth" by Dr. W. B. Cannon '96, Professor of Physiology at the University.