With exceptionally favorable weather conditions prevailing yesterday, Coach Spuhn took four 150-pound crews on one of the longest pulls of the year. The first lightweight crew did not stop until it was within a short distance of the Subway bridge, while the remaining three shells trailed but a short distance behind.

Coach Spuhn insisted on the strokes maintaining a low beat throughout the long spin. At this slow pace, the eight stroked by Captain Dudley Merrill '26 showed itself decidedly superior to the other crews, and forged steadily ahead. Coming in to the boathouse, Merrill raised the stroke to a 36 without much strain, and without destroying the evenness which had characterized the low beat.

Boat Has Kept Seating Order

While the line-ups of the 150-pound crews are subject to change at any time, the presence of three of last year's regulars in the shell stroked by Merrill stamps this boat as the first crew at present. It is the only boat which rows regularly with the same seating order, the other oarsmen in the squad being assigned to places when they report at Newell boathouse every afternoon.

In the practice brushes to date with the other boats, the first and second 150-pound boats have generally finished with less than a quarter length separating them. The competition for places in the first boat is keen, and there will probably be several changes made during the next few weeks.


Ex-Waiter Wins Place

Richard Jones 3rd '26 is rowing at bow in the first boat. Jones was the manager of the Smith Halls crew during his Freshman year, and first came into prominence as an oarsman last year at Red Top, when he stroked the Crimson waiters eight to a ten-length victory over the Yale waiters crew in a thrilling quarter-mile race on the Thames.

The first 150-pound crew rowed yesterday as follows.

Stroke, Dudley Merrill '26, 7, H. V. S. Ogden '27, 6. William Potter '27; 5, D. S. Byers '25; 4. Warren Jenney '26; 3. Richard Collins Jr. '26; 2. John Howe, '27; bow, Richard Jones 3rd '26; cox O. F. Wadsworth '27.