Jones, Miller, Murphy, and Ryan Given Letters for Placing in Intercollegiates--McGlone Heads Friendship Body

W. P. Dixon '25 was awarded the University "H" at the monthly meeting of the Student Council last night. It was voted to award Dixon his major letter due to the manifestation of his excellence in Squash Raquets by winning the National squash Raquets by winning the National squash title. Although the awarding of major letters for the winning of national championships is not an established precedent, it has been done before, as in the case of R. T. Jones '24, who won the national title in golf. This recommendation of the Student Council will go to the Athletic Committee for final sanction.

It was also voted by the Council to award the major "H" to all men who placed in the recent I.C.A.A.A.A. indoor meet in New York. Those who were given their letter under this vote are: S. R. Jones '27, for placing third in the high-jump; A. M. Miller '27, for winning the 70-yard dash; J. S. Murphy '25, for placing fourth in the running broad jump; and L. W. Ryan '26, for placing in the two mile run. The other men who placed in the intercollegiates have already won their major letter.

The other important action of the Council was the election of J. C. McGlone '26 as Chairman of the Student Friendship Drive Committee. This drive, which is carried on in all the colleges throughout the country, is the most important student drive of a charitable nature in the University. It is put through by the Students' Friendship Committee late in the spring and an average of $5000 annually has been subscribed. The rest of the Committee will be appointed by McGlone and will probably consist of three members.