Negative Speakers Go to Princeton--Yale and Princeton Teams Clash at New Haven on Same Subject

The feature event of the debating season, a triangular debate between Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, will take place tonight at 8 o'clock in the Paine Concert Hall of the Music Building.

The subject will be one which has aroused much interest, especially at Harvard, namely the losing fight of culture against business. The wording reads: "Resolved, That this house views with alarm the present tendency of Eastern colleges to stress a standard of business and professional utility in education."

Cultural Approach To Utility?

The leading argument for the negative side appears to be that while culture is indispensable to a well rounded personality, at the same time there is such a thing as a "cultural approach to utility" by which culture and practical utility may be combined.

The affirmative side denies that there can ever be a satisfactory union between the two extremes and declares that business will ruin any University if it is allowed to merge with culture.

The Harvard affirmative team will meet Yale at Cambridge; the negative team will journey to Princeton; the Princeton negative team will debate against Yale at New Haven. The judges for the Harvard-Yale debate are Mr. Willis Abbott, Editor of the Christian Science Monitor, Mr. W. G. Shaw of Quincy, and the Reverend T. G. Soares D.D., Professor of Homileties and Religious Education at the University of Chicago.

The teams are as follows: Harvard affirmative, D. W. Chapman '27, Barrett Williams '28, D. L. Dixon '27, and J. F. Davidson '27 and M. N. Drake '28, alternates. Harvard negative, J. R. Creel '27, E. G. Wesson '25, E. A. Smith '26. The alternates will be E. J. Metzdorf '26 and F. W. Lorenzen '28. Yale negative, J. G. Becker '26, E. L. Richards '25, J. McH. Hopkins '25. Yale affirmative, E. G. Jenkins '27, J. C. Hume '25, B. Davenport '26. Princeton affirmative, B. Dunham '26, C. A. Howard '27, J. P. Lee '25, V. V. Ravi-Booth '27. Princeton negative, R. M. Fulle '26, Hooper Montclair '25, J. T. Koehler '26, with R. S. Sams '27, and H. G. Schlesinger '25 as alternates.

Tickets may be procured at the Cooperative, Leavitt & Peirce's, and in the evening at the door of the Music Building.