No Falls Secured--Karelitz, Kullman, and Bradford Are Winners in Annual Tournament--McGill Star Loses

There, of last year's wrestling champions retained their titles in the University tournament held last night at the Hemenway Gymnasium. Milton Krook '25 is titleholder for the third successive time. C. A. C. Eastman '24 won the heavyweight title for the third time. In the 125-pound class K. C. Williams 2L, retained his title, won last year.

Canadian is Beaten

The former McGill University star, G. W. Rumpel 1G.B., engaged C. A. C. Eastman '24, N. E. A. A. U. champion, in a battle only decided by the referee. Of the other defending champions, K. C. Williams 2L., in the 125-pound class, defeated J. E. Klaw 1L, by a fall, and retained the title by the referee's decision in his bout with A. J. Bronstein '25: Milton Krook '25, champion in the 115-pound class, retained his title unchallenged.

Kullman Has Three Bouts

In the 135-pound class, H. M. Kullman '27 encountered more difficulty than any of the new titleholders. He downed three opponents, the last after two overtime periods. Morris Nicholson 1L. champion of the 145-pound class, and George Karelitz 1L. winner in the 158-pound class, downed two men apiece to clinch their titles.

No Winner Secures Fall

The summary:

115-Pound Class Milton Krook '25 won by default, no opposition.

125-Pound Class K. C. Williams 2L. won from A. J. Bronstein '25, by referee's decision.

135-Pound Class H. M. Kullman '27 won from L. B. Smith '25 in two overtime periods, by referee's decision.

145-Pound Class--Morris Michelson 1L won from C. G. Page 3L. by referee's decision.

158-Pound Class George Karelitz 1L won from H. R. Wood '27 by referee's decision.

175-Pound Class C. H. Bradford '26 won from T. D. Howe '28 by referee's decision.

Unlimited Class C. A. C. Eastman '24 won from E. H. Rumpel 1G.B. by referee's decision.