Quality Instead of Quantity Social Service Society Aim

It has been the purpose of the Committee this year to get in closer touch with the various organizations and to bring about more personal contact. It has tried not to create many innovations, but to perfect the already existing organization in any way possible.

The Social Service Committee has had two aims in view this year. First of all charity work, the giving of money and food to needy persons and organizations, and secondly the equally important function of personal contact between students and boys in the Settlement House Work. This year there were 200 men actively engaged in some work of this sort. We have sacrificed numbers this year in the interest of a higher quality of work. At the beginning of the year a new method of enlisting men by direct contact between settlement house and student was tried, but most of the men have been enlisted through personal interviews with the Social Service Secretary. Another innovation was very productive, namely a system of biweekly reports on the work of the different men from each Settlement House.

As usual, the Annual Social Service Conference was held on October 7, 1924, in the Phillips Brooks House, C. G. T. Lundell '27 presided, and introduced the following speakers: Professor F. W. Taussig '79, George Owen Jr. '23, M. H. Harris '24, J. C. McGlone '26.

In cooperation with the Cambridge Y. M. C. A., the ball-boys for football and baseball have again been successfully hired from members of their clubs. This method, which was started two years ago, has proved very worth while.

Thanksgiving Dinners Given


Thanksgiving dinners were distributed to 25 families investigated and recommended by the Cambridge Welfare Union. The Welfare Committee were in charge of the distributing of the packages to the families at their homes. At Christmas time, the Cambridge Welfare Union again recommended 25 boys to whom presents were to be given, telling us the particular wish of each of the boys. The boys all came to the Phillips Brooks House and there received their presents and enjoyed the Christmas tree. This proved to be a great success. This work was done by the Welfare Committee.

The fall clothing collection was held as usual, and was very capably handled by H. K. Thayer '35. The Spring collection, in charge of B. L. Kilgour '27, is being held this week. The following places received boxes of clothing: Industrial Aid Society, Family Welfare Society, Cambridge Welfare Union, and Cushing Academy. Besides the 1522 articles of clothing collected, there were 440 books and two tons of magazines. About 90 text books were placed in the loan library, and 150 were sent to the American Merchant Marine. Besides this, 200 obsolete editions from the Text Book Loan Library were sent to the same organization.

To date, seven free entertainments have been given at Settlement Houses, with the expectation of three more before the close of the year.

To Court Ideas at Dinner in May

We are departing from custom this year, in that we are inviting about 15 men connected with the various Settlement Houses to come out here and give us their ideas at an informal dinner in May. This, we hope, will be very constructive and helpful.

In closing I wish to thank all who shared in the work this year. I am sure that none who have participated will ever regret their share in this work. It is with the heartiest appreciation that I thank C. G. T. Lundell for his work and interest, and am very glad to state that he will be back next year as Secretary of the Committee.  Respectfully submitted.  N. S. Howe '26, Chairman