Ballots To Be Sent Out Before May 15--Additional Nominations Allowed By Petition of Members

The list of nominations for Vice President of the Union and for members of the Student Committee was announced last night. Election will take place by ballots, which will be sent out with the next Union bulletin.

Nominations, according to the revised constitution of the Union, are made by retiring members of the Student Committee who would not be eligible for re-election. At this time six men will be elected to the Student Committee, and the Vice President will also be elected.

Committee Includes 11 Members

The revised personnel of the Student Committee includes 11 members, of whom two hold office ex officio, six are elected, and three are appointed. The three appointments, which will complete the ranks of the Student Committee after the election, are to be made next fall. One man will be chosen from the Senior class, one from the Freshman class, and one from the University at large.

The list of nominations follows:

For Vice-President, one to be elected: Francis Lowell Barton '26, Harold Robertson Jones '26, John James Maher '26.

Members of Student Committee

For Senior member, one to be elected: Marion Adolphus Cheek Jr., Joseph Carlton McGlone, Alfred Dayton Phillips Jr.

For Junior member one to be elected: Joseph Fels Barnes, Frederick Vanderbilt Field, Carl Gustave Ture Lundell.

For Sophomore member, one to be elected: Paul Henry Nitze, John Watts, David Worcester.

For Business School member, one to be elected: James Bernard Carroll, Daniel Dudly Gage, Jr., Daniel Conrad Little.

For Law School member, one to be elected: William Ervin Anderson, Franklin Morse Archer Jr., James Lawrence Fly.

For member from Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, one to be elected: Allan Evans, Julian Lenhart Ross, Ernest Wilder Spaulding.

New Committee Will Be Stronger

Additional nominations for any of the preceding offices may be made by petition. In the case of the vice-presidency, an individual may be nominated by a potion signed by 35 Union members. Aspirants to the Student Committee, however, may be nominated on the strength of the endorsement of 25 Union members. All petitions must be left in the office of the Graduate Secretary at the Union not later than April 30.

The new Student Committee will find itself in a stronger position than ever before. It provides a far wider representation of the University through the election of its members from the graduate schools and also through the three appointments, which it makes. It is established, furthermore far more into penitently than before, since its connection with the Student Council has beer severed. And it has been endowed with certain discretionary powers with regard to Union speakers.

Two of the provisions introduced into the "evised constitution govern the management of the election. The first rules that only resident members of the Union shall vote at elections and meetings. The second, governing the manner of voting provides that the election shall be carried on only by mail. Ballots must be sent out every year before May 15. With in ten days after their distribution they must be returned to the Union to be counted.