In the Graduate Schools

New System Has Worked Well as Far as it Has Been Applied, Says Report

The tutorial system has proved definitely successful in the Medical School with those men to whom it was applied during the past year, according to statement by Dean David L. Edsall included in his report to the President. "During the past year," said the statement the tutorial method was begun by the provision of two tutors, one in physiology, who guided certain groups of students not only in that subject but also in other related medical sciences, the other in general medicine, who supervised men doing special work in medicine and also in other major clinical lines.

Application Is Limited

"Being a new venture anywhere as adapted to an actual general course in medicine, it has seemed desirable to make no attempt to apply it to the whole group of students, but to take up those groups whose capacities and aspirations led them to be ready to undertake not only the meeting of requirements for graduation but also some additional and more scholarly methods and progress along some chosen line. With a required course that, in spite of all effort to make it flexible, must always demand pretty server routline from everyone, it is not all clear that the method will ever be desirable for all students, but it seems eminently suited to further the interests of a moderate group who have distinct capacity."