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The Princetonian has just put over the most appallingly funny thing that has ever been done in a newspaper way. In the issue of April 1 an announcement was made of the lengthening of the Easter Vacation and Dean McClenahan was briefly quoted to that effect. Just to show that it was only a boyish prank, the closing paragraph said: "If any of our readers wish any further information, they are earnestly requested to consult their calendars."

The New York Times of April 2 describes the ensuing panic among those grown-up members of the University who had lost the adolescent regard for April Fool's Day that the Princetonian so well retained. But those professors who thought the editors so needlessly childish should have remembered that April 1 is just as much a recognized holiday at Princeton as May Day or Hallowe'en. Such gentle campus humors should be encouraged in far away Nassau and the office should take a little joke now and then.

The amusing part of the whole affair was that the agitation it aroused showed that only, half the University had ever read to the end of the article. The Princetonian perhaps was not perused with such wild enthusiasm as its editors had counted on.

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