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Pro Borah Publico



To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Your editorial of the 13th on Senator Borah's recent speech in Boston has betrayed a misunderstanding I should hardly have deemed possible. It seemed to me that the Senator made it quite plain that his dislike for the League was due primarily to its guaranteeing of the Varsailles treaty--which is its chief purpose in the eyes of most continental powers. His emphasis upon the Court's status as legal adviser to the League was to drive home the fact that the Court was an integral part of the League in which we could not consistently enter while staying out of the League itself.

As to the Senator's "sheerly legalistic world court", it may seem impossible, but no attempt has been made to obtain it. It should be quite obvious that no justice can be expected from a body whose decisions will be guided by the question of whether the disputants will obey them; yet such must necessarily be the nature of the decisions of any body connected with the present league which is merely a device for imparting a moral flavor to the acts of the dominant continental powers. The World certainly does need a League of Nations, but it had better have none than one founded upon a lie to perpetuate an injustice. Richard Baltzly '26.

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