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The Minor Sports Council in its regular meeting held last night voted in favor of the new minor sports "H", and permission was given to a committee of the Council to draw up the provisions which will be sent to the Student Council and the Athletic Committee, to be acted upon in their next meetings.

The resolution as put before the Minor Sports Council last night was drawn up as follows.

"1--The Minor 'H' shall be 4 3-4 inches in size and shall be a black 'H' with a white border on a red sweater.

"2--This 'H' shall be awarded to Championship Minor sport teams. Championship minor sport teams shall be designated as:

"a. Those teams that engage in contests with Yale and Princeton and win the championship of the Big Three.

"b. Those teams that do not play Princeton shall be designated Championship teams if they succeed in defeating Yale and a half of the other games on their schedule.

"3. Furthermore, this Minor 'H' may be voted to a player of very exceptional merit."

Regulation Made More Strict

Two changes were approved by the Council, to be made when the committee draws up its formal statement. It was decided that the percentage designated in the first set of recommendations drawn up was very low for a team which was of championship calibre. It was pointed out that most University teams win half of their games regardless of whether they defeat Yale. The early season games usually result in a large number of victories, which makes 50 per cent a very low figure. A resolution was therefore passed that in the committee's formal set of recommendations the term "half of its games" be altered and "three fourths of its games" be substituted. The exact provisions will be under discussion in the Athletic Committee and Student Council meetings, and the terms will be further considered and defined both there and in later meetings of the Minor Sports Council.

Another Provision Added

Another resolution was also voted upon and passed. A fourth provision will be added to the three original ones, stating "that any man receiving three minor sport "H's in three different sports be awarded a straight H."

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