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George Frederick Handel died in 1759. But death in Germany is quite impermanent. With enviable case and a superb gusto, the late Kaiser used to call to his side legions beyond the grave. He seemed to believe that with his sabre he could rattle the bones of God. Now the grand insolence, and the metaphysical jugglery, whether innate in Teutons or blown over the border from Doorn, reappears in Aix-La-Chappelle, famed by Browning.

The opera audience there was well pleased with "Rosalinde". Its chorused applause swelled to a persistent curtain call. "We want Handel! We want Handel!" The New York Times continues. "At first those versed in musical history took the yell as a joke but a glance at the enthusiastic faces of the claquers was convincing evidence that the composer was actually regarded as a contemporary musician."

Perhaps the news from Ghent has been delayed.

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