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The superior reserve strength of the University hockey team proved the deciding factor in overcoming a hard-fighting Williams defense in the fastest game of the season on the Boston Arena ice last night by a 4 to 1 margin. The Crimson skaters playing alternately ragged and brilliant hockey wiped out a goal lead in the second period with an aggressive attack that netted three tallies in quick succession. By their victory, the University puck men established themselves as dangerous contenders for intercollegiate honors.

Led by Watkins, rangy captain and center of the Purple, whose speed and flashy stick work was the outstanding feature of the play, the invaders held the winners on even terms until they tired in the middle of the second session. The Williamstown sextet displayed a smooth running attack which was effective even against the fierce body checking of the Crimson defense.

Zarakov High Scorer

Chase, playing opposite the elusive Purple leader, swung into action in the second and third periods to vie with his opponent for individual honors. The shifty Crimson center figured largely in the attack and stopped many of the Williams advances with an aggressive back checking game. The high scorer of the contest was Zarakov, who started the game at right wing for the University sextet. Coach Bigelow started his second forward line of Harding, Scott, and Zarakov, and alternated this combination with Gross, Hamlen, and Chase in every period. Pratt was used at the left defense post throughout the contest and played a large part in stopping the vaunted Purple attack.

Williams Starts With Rush

Williams started with a rush and carried the attack to the Crimson goal at the start of the period. Captain Watkins the Purple ace cleared the University outer defense and aimed a fast angle shot at the net which Cunnings, the Crimson leader, turned with a pretty stop. The second string forward line was the more aggressive but its passing was ragged.

Zarakov, University right wing carried the puck down the side of the rink and drove a hard angle shot which the Purple guardian stopped. The Crimson forwards lost the died on the next play after an advance down the ice, and Poplam, the bond Williams flash took a pass from Howe, to score first with a hard drive. Cumings made a hard try to save the net, but the shot was too fast.

The Crimson puck men lost a chance to even the count in the next minute of play when they drew the Williams goal keep out of his cage in a hard scrimmage but Watkins cleared the puck. The first string forward line of Hamlen, Chase, and Gross was trying to tally with long shots Handen cleared the outer defense of the Parple team and missed a fast shot from the side by inches.

The summary:

Score, Harvard 4, Williams 1, Goals, Zarakov 2, Hamlen Scott, Popham, Referees Synnott and Foote Penalties Chase Time, three 20-minute periods. HARVARD  WILLIAMS Harding, Gross l.w  r.w. Popham Scott, Chase, Durant c.  c. Watkins (Capt.) Zarakov, Hamlen r.w.  l.w. Smith, Austin Pratt l.d.  r.d. Howe Coady, Clark r.d.  l.d. Baker Cumings (Capt) g.  g. Chapman

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