Mathematics Department Adopts Tutorial System in New Form

Members of Department to Act as Tutors--General Examinations Included in Extension

The tutorial system, differing from the existing plan in other branches of the College, in that every member of the department will serve as tutor in addition to his duties of instruction, will be adopted by the Division of Mathematics, it was announced yesterday by the University Office. The new system specifically includes general examinations as in other departments now using the tutorial system. It will go into effect next fall for all members of the class of 1929 concentrating in mathematics, and also for upperclassmen who so desire.

With the exception of certain departments of laboratory sciences and the Engineering Schools, the entire College now comes under the tutorial plan. During past years the number of students concentrating in mathematical subjects has been sufficiently small to allow for a considerable degree of individual contact between the student and the instructor, but recently the department has grown to such an extent that the same amount of personal contact has not been possible. The plan will go into full effect with respect only to the present Freshman class next fall, and one class will be added during each of the two ensuing years, until all those concentrating in mathematics are subject to the provisions of the plan.

The tutorial system of instruction was inauguorated in the College by the Division of History, Government and Economics in 1914 and has gradually spread to all the divisions with the exception of science departments requiring laboratory research and the Engineering School. The primary purpose of this method, as announced, is by means of individual guidance, to develop in the student sound and effective habits of thinking and the initiative to acquire knowledge from sources outside of the class room. Its aim is also to supplement the more or less passive learning process of the lecture course and to awaken the student's interest in active thinking.

The slightly changed plan to be adopted by the Mathematics department will eliminate the special tutors and give the students an opportunity to receive personal attention from the instructors of the division, who will share the tutorial work. It is expected by the University authorities that the adoption of this system will stimulate the interest of the mathematics student still further, will increase his ability to read and acquire information for himself, and will also strengthen his critical faculties and his initiative.