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Twenty-five more Harvard and M. I. T. students will be Naval Reserve aviators by the first of October next. For the third successive year the government has announced its naval aviation course, open to college students and college graduates living in or near Boston.

On Thursday, January 7, at M. I. T., Lieutenant R. D. Thomas will give the preliminary recruiting lecture, illustrated with moving pictures showing the activities of the Naval Air Service. Over one hundred applicants, including about forty from Harvard, were present at the opening of the course last year and preparations for three or four times that number are being made this year.

Compete in Ground School

A series of six lecture courses will be given this spring Tuesday and Thursday evenings at M. I. T., with recesses for Midyear examinations and the spring vacation. The students receiving the highest average in Ground School will be selected for flight training this summer, and upon passing the Flight Physical Examinations, will be ordered to Squantum for 45 days active duty. Every student is enrolled as a seaman, second class, and while being taught to fly and receiving his 30 hours of "solo" time, is paid, on an average, $85 a month.

The Ground School at M. I. T. and the flight training at Squantum are the first two steps in the complete course leading up to a commission as Ensign in the Naval Reserve. The Squantum course is followed either the same or the succeeding summer by another 46 days of advanced flight training at the Naval Air Station at Hampton Roads, Va., and finally by a professional examination for commission.

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