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Foul Though the Thought?



To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

May I presume to represent the "Insects", that is, the Graduate students of Harvard University. Your editorial of today is of course one more instance to add to those which we observe daily in the buildings and Yard, of that youthful exuberance which puts the undergraduate on the top of the world; and as much we regard it with the same contented tolerance. That we once knew ourselves for let me whisper it--we were once undergraduates, and you, foul though the thought may be, will one day be Graduates, even as we.

But in defence of that contentment which rewards our tolerance of Harvard youth, let me add that the Harvard Graduate body, while it welcomes good feelings wherever found, is an unusually independent coterie; we find an ample society in that of our fellow-graduates, whose interests are so often near our own. We bring together a varied experience, at least as varied and I suspect more full than that of the classes of 1926-30; and we are even beginning to get our collars washed, so that, unless plus fours and sweaters are the only road to sartorial respectability, we are decently dressed. Nevertheless we gladly grasp the glad hand, and appreciate the sincere, if somewhat gawky welcome. (Signed)--A Graduate Student.

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