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The following regulations regarding traffic handling and tickets for the Harvard-William and Mary game in the Stadium Saturday, were made public last night. By agreement with the Police Department of the cities of Boston and Cambridge and of the Metropolitan District Commision, automobile traffic will be bandled as follows:

After 1.30 o'clock, Harvard Square from Quincy to Brattle Streets, Boylston Street, Cambridge Street, the Anderson Bridge and North Harvard Street, Brighton, as far as Western Avenue, will be closed to automobile traffic. The only automobile gates admitting to Soldiers Field will be Gates 12 and 13 on the Metropolitan Parkway at the southwest corner of the field. These may be reached from Boston by Commonwealth Avenue to Brighton, Avenue to Union Square, Allston, to North Beacon Street and down Market Street to the Speedway.

Before the game, from 2 o'clock until 3 o'clock, and at the end of the game from 4.45 until 5.45 o'clock, the Cottage Farm Bridge will be "one way" going towards Boston and the Temporary Bridge "one way" going towards Cambridge. Automobiles coming from Waltham and Watertown should come via North Beacon Street to Market Street to the Speedway.

Taxis and other automobiles which do not park, if coming from Brighton, may unload their passengers at the corner of North Harvard Street on Western Avenue about two hundred feet from Gate No. 8. If coming via Cambridge by the Parkway from Boston they will be required to unload and turn at DeWolfe Square on the Parkway about 300 yards below the Anderson Bridge on the Cambridge side.

After the game all cars parked in the field and on the Boston Parkway west of North Harvard Street must leave by the Parkway westward but the cars parked in the inside of the field facing Stadium Street may leave by North Harvard Street westward.

To Enforce Lighting Law

The police request the Harvard management to announce that all cars must be removed from the parking space befort it is time to have the lights turned on as the law regarding the lighting of automobilists will be strictly enforced. They further wish automobilists to be warned against leaving their cars in charge of the numerous boys who want to "mind your car", as many thefts have occurred in this way.

The game will begin at 3 o'clock, Gates will be opened at 1.30 o'clock. The gates on North Harvard Street are numbered from the Anderson Bridge--1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. All seats are reserved and there will be no sale of general admission seats. Ticket holders should enter gates as follows.

All season and H. A. A. ticket holders enter Gate 21 on Soldiers Field Road.

Reserved tickets will be sold only at Gates 3, 4 and 6 on North Harvard Street. Gate 14 on the Speedway, and at a booth inside the field near Section 26.

All holders of reserved seat tickets purchased in advance should enter at Gates 3, 4, and 6.

Ticket holders coming from Allston may all enter Gate No. 6.

Holders of standing room tickets on top of Stadium will enter through Gate 4 to East Tower.

Information booth, registration booth, special booth for doctors' registration and Lost and Found Booth will be found inside Gate 4.

For persons parking cars inside of Soldiers Field there will be a ticket booth located near Section 26, and for persons parking cars on the Speedway there will be a ticket booth located at Gate 14 in the southwest corner of Soldiers Field.

Ticket holders only may enter through Gate 19 opposite the Newell Boat House on the northeast side of the field or through Gate 9, leading out of Stadium Street at the southern corner of the field.

Spectators must keep their seats until the game is over. Ushers and police have been instructed to allow no one to stand in the aisics or entrances while the game is in progress. Persons leaving their seats must leave the field.

Stubs Won't Be Honored

The privilege of leaving the Stadium enclosure and returning on stubs having been abused by persons bringing in outsiders on extra stubs, the Association is compelled to make the ruling that stubs will no longer be honored for admittance to the enclosure.

Holders of special auto passes admitting the bearer with auto through Gate 20 on the speedway are warned that they must present their pass for the inspection of the ticket takers if they wish to be admitted through this gate. The ticket takers have been instructed to stop and turn back all automobiles whose occupants fail to present the special auto pass and no exceptions will be made to this rule.

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