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Much discussion has followed the announcement that Memorial Hall is to be closed. There is an air of finality about the event which seems to preclude its being reopened in the near future.

While it is absurd to expect the university to continue to operate the dining hall at a loss of $25,000 a year, undergraduates are not yet ready to accept its closing as ending for all time the possibility of having a common university dining room. Because Memorial Hall has failed does not prove the impossibility of another project better adapted to the needs of the students.

A dining room operated by the university, situated in the center of university life, near Harvard Square--possibly on the site of Boylston laboratory--supervised with the same attention to service and quality of food as a good restaurant which operates solely for profit, a place where a student could buy as much or as little food as he wanted with the privilege of charging it on his term bill, would possess decided advantages over any of the eating houses now operating with apparent success.

In addition to the argument that a common dining room promotes social contacts, considerations for the health of students who are forced to eat the insipid slow poison that is being dispensed in some of the restaurants, demand that the university consider means to replace Memorial Hall with a modern dining room.

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