Senior Eleven Draws Heavy Penalties Within Scoring Distance

After battling through four hard-fought periods, the Sophomore and Senior football teams remained in a scoreless deadlock at the close of yesterday afternoon's game. Each team had scoring chances; the Sophomores lost an excellent opportunity in the first quarter when the 1927 line stiffened after yielding ground steadily before a strong attack, and then broke through to block a Sophomore drop-kick. Late in the second period, the 1929 team, with its backfield functioning in steam-roller style, pushed the pigskin to the Senior 15-yard stripe, and seemed to be headed for a sure touchdown, when the whistle ended the half.

Penalties Stop Seniors

Near the close of the fourth quarter a 30-yerd race by Baton, 1927 halfback, ended on the sophomore 35-yard mark, where two penalties in succession set them back 10 yards. An attempted field goal form the 18-yard line failed, but the game ended a minute later.