Michigan Sanity


We must have law and order. Property must be protected. We must have universities, and universities must have students. Students like to have football games, and before the games they like to have pep meetings.

Two of these institutions do not go well together, pep meetings and law and order. One is necessary and the other is not. So the solution is obvious.

Didactic dim-wits will argue: College students ought to know better, they ought to be able to use their heads, to reason. But there are times when a student is not a student. One of these times is when he is part of a mob. Another of these times is when he has just had certain emotions mauled, teased, tampered with by provocative meddlers, who know not what they do.

So when a college student is a part of a mob after a pep meeting, one cannot expect reason. Quite plainly there is one logical method of riot and raid prevention; eliminate the mob. The Michigan Daily