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Now Haven, Conn., Oct. 7--Harvard and Princeton will face each other on the football field in 1927. This was agreed upon at a conference here last night attended by Chairmen of Athletics of Yale, Harvard and Princeton.

It was mutually agreed, it was announced today, that the proposal of Harvard to drop Princeton from the 1927 football schedule and substitute the University of Michigan was counter to understanding and practice of the "triple alliance," and on the suggestion of Harvard it had been accordingly withdrawn.

The three universities were represented at the conference by Professor George H. Nettleton, chairman of the board of control of the Yale Athletic Association, Wiham J. Bingham, director of athletics at Harvard, and Charles W. Kennedy, chairman of the faculty committee on athletics at Princeton.

The new accord is looked upon as a distinct move in binding the "Big Three" together mere closely and comes at a time when conditions between Harvard and Princeton were said to be near the breaking point.

First Official Recognition

It is the first official recognition of Princeton by Harvard as meeting spec- ial consideration in athletic agreements, it was pointed out here tonight. In the past Harvard has maintained that the Yale game was the only fixed contest on her football schedule, and that Princeton, along with the other six teams, was engaged "from year to year.' Harvard players have been awarded no insignia for playing against Princeton.

The statement, signed by the officials who took part in last night's conference reads:

"The first regular meeting for the present academic year of the Harvard-Yale-Princeton chairmen of athletics was held at New Haven, Wednesday evening, October 6. After full conference it was mutually agreed, that the tentative proposal of a Harvard-Michigan football game at Ann Arbor in 1927 was counter to the understanding and practice of the 'Triple Alliance,' and on the suggestion of Harvard it was accordingly withdrawn. The Harvard-Princeton football game for 1927 will be played in Princeton, and no change in the essential athletic relations of the three universities is contemplated.

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