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Tobias George Smollett, the doctor who looked at an dwrote about various aspects of life of the eighteenth century, was born in Dumbartonshire, a Scotch county in the year 1721. At the age of fifteen he was apprenticed to a surgeon of Glasgow, but three years later, following the example of Thomson, set forth for England with his first and worst literary venture "The Regicide."

"Smollett," said Hume, "was like a coco-nut, rough outside, but full of human kindness within." This same phrase describes in a nutshell, his works.

Professor Maynadler in English 29a will speak on Smollett in Sever 23 at 11 o'clock this morning.

Other lectures of interest are:

9 O'Clock

"The American Doctrine of Judicial Supremacy", Professor Yeomans, Harvard 2, Government 19a.

10 O'clock

"Aristotles Life and Works", Professor R. B. Perry, Emerson A. Philosophy, A.

12 O'clock

Early Architecture in Croto including the Palace of Knossos," Professor Conant, Robinson Hall, Fine Arts 3a.

The Meaning of Racial Supremacy and Inferiority in Terms of Adaptation," Professor Carver, Server 17, Economics 8.

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