Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Talks Justice, Civic Engagement at Radcliffe Day


Church Says It Did Not Authorize ‘People’s Commencement’ Protest After Harvard Graduation Walkout


‘Welcome to the Battlefield’: Maria Ressa Talks Tech, Fascism in Harvard Commencement Address


In Photos: Harvard’s 373rd Commencement Exercises


Rabbi Zarchi Confronted Maria Ressa, Walked Off Stage Over Her Harvard Commencement Speech



GALAHAD: Enough of his life to explain his reputation

By John Erskine

After so great a success as "The Private Life of Helen of Troy" it took courage to rescue another legend from the past and give it new life in modern terms. Galahad turns a hazard into a triumph. $2.50 NET

Letters of a Self-Made Diplomat to His President

By Will Rogers

Ambassador without Portfolio, Will Rogers explains in his own words his widespread activities during the European trip from which he has just returned. The author, like Artemus Ward, is another of those subtle critics of society whose with gives him the precious license to say what he thinks. $2.00 NET

Notes on Democracy

By H. L. Mencken

This terrific polemic embodies the final conclusions of the most uncompromising and devastating of all critics of American democracy. It issues naturally out of his past writings upon the subject, but it is by no means a reprint. Save for a few paragraphs, it is wholly new matter. $2.50 NET

HIAWATTA: Witt No Odder Poems

By Milt Gross

Milt Gross needs no introduction, nor, for that matter, does Hiawatta. But the meeting of these two celebrities is memorable. Hiawatta becomes an epic of Indian Nize Babyhood, in the steam heated "appotament" tepee on the shores of Geetchy Goony (pronounced Bronix) $1.00 NET


By A. A. Milne

Illustrated by E. H. Shepard.

The tales in this very attractive volume are all related in Milne's delightful prose and still more delectable verse and will be welcomed by thousands, young and old, who have learned to love "When We Were Very Young." $2.00 NET

Translations and Tomfooleries

By George Bernard Shaw

The "Nobel Prize" winner's new volume of plays containing "Press Cuttings" "the Glimpse of Reality," "Passion, Poison, and Petrifaction," "The Fascinating Foundling," "Jitta's Atonement," "Constancy Rewarded," and "The Music Cure." 2.25 NET

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