Saturday's bruising encounter with the Brown Bear has left Coach Horween in a quandary. The failure of the regular eleven to stop the invaders, and the excellent showing of many of the substitutes, has done much to place the members of the squad on a par, and to render the starting line-up against Yale very uncertain.

"Frankly, I don't know," said Coach Horween, when asked for a tentative eleven that might take the field against the Blue. "There have been so many upsets lately that it is impossible to say what may happen tomorrow."

Replacements Rushed In

The University mentor's indecision was illustrated in yesterday's practice. The an offensive signal drill that took up most of the afternoon session, no player was sure of his position for more than two minutes. Substitutions came thick and fast, and practically every man on the squad saw action for a short time.

The ease with which Randall and Mishel ran the Crimson eleven ragged with their arching passes showed Coach Horween that the forward pass defense is still shaky, and for a large portion of the signal drill yesterday the teams worked on this department of the game. Facing each other, Teams A and B each made liberal use of the aerial thrusts. In view of Yale's reputed powerful barrage of passes, the coaches will probably pay considerable attention to perfecting a smooth and efficient aerial defense.

Daley Back in Harness

The sensation of yesterday's workout was the appearance in uniform of L. F. Daley '27 regular guard, who was operated on for appendicitis October 27. It had been supposed that he was out of football for the season, but his strength has returned rapidly, and Dr. T. K. Richards '15, football physician, holds out some little hope that he may be able to take his place in the line for a few minutes on Saturday.

Today the ineligible combination, which has been working on Yale plays for in week, will probably give the regulars a taste of the Eli formations. The program for the week is light; with most of the scheduled work dummy scrimmaging. The entire squad, with the exception of the newly-returned Daley, is in good condition and will be-ready to face Yale in the Bowl.

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