With the emphasis which, in late years especially, has been laid on the whole question of so-called "Nordic supremacy", there comes up more actively than ever the complicated and well-nigh insolvable problem of rare mixtures. Do, as a general thing, groups of people of pure race, pure race, pure Nordic or pure Hebraic for example, exhibit stronger and more vital characteristics than other groups which might be composed of mixtures of these two races".

It is a problem which, on account of its many intricacies and ramifications will probably never be solved; but it is a problem full of interest nevertheless. No vagabond should miss the lecture in which it is to be discussed by Professor Carver this morning in Economics in Sever 17 at 12 o'clock.

Other lectures of interest are:

10 O'clock

"Colonia! Braeil", Professor Haring, Harvard 2, History 56.

"Aristotle's Metaphysics", Professor Perry, Emerson A, Philosophy A.